Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to save money on Prepping

I am always trying to figure out ways to save money, this also goes for Prepping. This is one of the first things I tell a prepper first getting started when they are so overwhelmed on trying to buy stuff for their preps.

Please add stuff that will benefit people starting out that have a tight budget or have no money for prepping.

1. Inventory: Take inventory of what you already have including all camping stuff/garage stuff you will be surprised at what you already have, or at grandma's house.

2. Useless stuff: Sell things you havent used in over a year. Facebook has many flea market pages in your local commnunites if you don't have one start one its free! Sell & buy the stuff you really need for prepping.

3. Freebies: Check out freebie sites like http://www.freecycle.org/ or www.craigslist.com in the "free section" got to check this constantly, stuff goes fast. Ask local bakery for their containers most will give away for free, they use these can be used for your food storage.

4. Buying used items: Become expert flea market hunters, yard sales, re-sale shops like good will & Salvation army, Army surplus stores, research on itmes b4 committing to buy so you know you get a good deal.

5. Dollar items: Now a days there is so many dollar stores out there, consider stock piling with Dollar items for your prepping.

6. Couponing: Go to sites like www.couponmom.com ask neighbors, friends for their coupons, join coupon clubs, you can get a lot of stuff for free or join sample groups like here on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ThatFreebieSite?sk=wall yes it does work.
7. There is a program called "Amazon prime" that is popular w/the preppers you pay a yrly fee $79 cheaper w/students (you can share w/family members) but then you get free shipping on all your prime items w/2 day service. It eventually pays for itself, very helpful on getting items to you when the shelfs R bare in your local area from a future natural disaster coming like a hurricane, plus you can have things delivered to your elderly/disabled parent in another state straight to their door step as long as UPS is running. Food, water, generator, no matter what the size it will be free shipping with prime products.

8. Information/knowledge: is sometimes worth more then stuff, so check out books at your local library on prepping, If they dont have it most will do interlibrary loans w/other libraries.

9. Skills: Offer to volunteer to work at a local farm in gardening & butchering. Don't know where your farms are try www.localharvest.org Take classes (Sewing, crocheting, hide tanning, welding, etc...that will make you valuable, most communities offer some of them free or for very min fee.

9. Keep a tidy house: that may sound funny to prep for but if your lights go out for a few days or longer how are you going wash clothes? Keep things disinfected? Your family needs clean clothes. You need a clean prep area to prepare you food; otherwise you have a risk of getting sick.

10. Barter your skills: Learn the art of bartering it will help if SHTF or exchange extra stuff you have for prepping stuff. There has also been a lot of barter groups popping up, check out your area.

11. Gardening: Start now on learning to garden by seeds, don't try to learn when you can't afford mistakes....even someone that lives in an apartment can do container gardening. Look in our Link section under "Apartment prepping" https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenpreppers/doc/188135084635098/

12. Keep a Prep Folder: If you have a printer or can get cheap copies somewhere keep a Prep Folder, there is so many useful information out there on Prepping on the internet that can be printed out, you never know if you can have access to your computer again best to have it on paper.

13. Have a plan for emergenys: Do you know where your going to meet for emergency's if communication is down? Do your kids know where to meet you if in school should they stay there or go someplace? Do they know what to do at home if alone & something happens, which gas lines to turn off? What to do with fridge if Electric goes out & you can't get to them in a few days? So many questions, have a plan now b4 its too late.

14. Meeting Preppers: Meet other preppers in your community. Try facebook or even meetup.com and look for preppers with similar interest. If you dont have any near you, try forming your own group or just go with clubs/meetups that might be similar, Camping clubs, gardening clubs, CB or Ham radio clubs canning/cooking clubs.

15. Buying extra: Start buying one or two extra items each time you buy things you normally use. For instance if you usually buy 4 green bean cans for your family each week for payday try to pick up one more for your prep. "A little at a time" 

16  Elderly: The elderly are a wealth of information if you don't know of an elderly person in your family go to an old folks home to visit take a recorder or notebook & interview a few of them to see how they lived in harder days.

17. Free health fairs: Go to local free health fairs not only could you get sometimes free exams you could also get a free goodie bag with medical supplys.

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